Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Patrick appears in an Interview Magazine Q&A. Thanks to some of our readers for providing us with the text of the interview...


WHERE WERE YOU BORN? Norfolk, Virginia.

WHAT WAS THE THING THAT MADE THE WORLD SIT UP AND TAKE NOTICE OF YOU? My commercial, in 1980 with Dan Dierdorf, when I was 8 years old. That was a strong, strong performance of mine. In an honest world, I guess the easy answer is Angels in America.

IF YOU COULD CALL ANYONE RIGHT NOW, WHO WOULD IT BE? I'd like to call Bush and give him a talking-to, but I'm afraid the phones would be tapped, so I guess I'd just call Jesus and say, "Is this a part of your plan?"

WHO OR WHAT WOULD YOU BE WILLING TO WAIT IN LINE FOR? I would be willing to wait in line for Van Halen tickets, even though I'm going to call my connections. I don't have to wait in line, but I would. And I have before.

WHAT MAKES YOU DIFFERENT? The fact that I could kind of take the whole thing or leave it.

IF YOU HAD A CHANCE TO RE-CREATE ANY SCENE FROM ANY MOVIE, WHAT WOULD IT BE, AND WHY? If I could re-create any scene it would be Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke eating all those eggs--just to see what that would feel like.

WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN 35 YEARS? Thirty-five years puts me at 66. Hopefully with grandkids, still in the business, probably going back and forth between doing plays and movies.

DESCRIBE YOUR AURA. Blue is the color for me. I think blue can be very hot, like a blue flame, and IO also think blue is a very soothing color. But at the end of the day, it's just a good color. It's my favorite color. It's the color of my eyes.

WHAT'S WORTH FIGHTING FOR? Democracy, freedom, love. No, you shouldn't have to fight for love. Yeah, love is meant to be fought for.


WHAT'S THE ONE THING YOU CAN'T BE WITHOUT? My family and friends. Everything else is just guitars and golf clubs and beer.

WHAT IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING YOU'VE EVER SEEN? The most beautiful thing I've ever seen was my firstborn neice. Seeing my brother and his daughter made me want to be a father.

HOW WOULD YOU DEFINE AMBITION? Ambition is focus. It's a sport to me. Ambition changes, I think because your goals change. Ambition is what drives you. What defines my ambition is seeing myself succeeding in a situation, and it's the catalyst that gets me there.

WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT? It's all about sitting around with your family at sunset after 18 holes of golf, with a beer in your hand.

WHAT'S COMING UP NEXT? Yeah, the Emmys. [Wilson is nominated for Outstanding Supporting Ator in a Miniseries or Movie for his role as Joe Pitt in last year's HBO movie adaption of Tony Kushner's play Angels in America.] Then there's the release of The Phantom of the Opera [Wilson stars in Joel Schumacher's film adaption of Andrew Lloyd Webber musical], and hopefully a couple of movies and a Broadway show. That's my plan for next year. And then there's a movie called Hard Candy [a psychological thriller from first time director David Slade] that's coming out. Hopefully it will be at Sundance in January.

And personally, I've got to find a new home, literally. Yeah, I gotta get out of my place. I've got a girlfriend in New York. It's that black and white.

# # #