Monday, August 01, 2005

TOUGH DUTY: Patrick Wilson couldn't be much higher on his currently shooting Little Children feature with Kate Winslet and Jennifer Connelly.

"Not since Angels in America have I had a role that's as meaty," says the actor. "I play a stay-at-home dad, a guy that kind of always wanted to do more with his life than he did. I am married to Jennifer, but you find out that I have an affair with Kate."

Though it's been announced that Patrick's next movie is the Robert DeNiro-directed flick The Good Shepherd, he says it all depends on scheduling. "It's such a great script. I'm really trying to work it out, and I hope I can," he notes.

"Robert DeNiro has been trying to get it done for a few years, and hopefully the movie happens and I'll be in it. I've got my plate full right now, so we'll see what happens," says Wilson, who has four more movies in the works and expects to return to Broadway in 2006 for Barefoot in the Park.